My theory

How survived Moriarty.

It’s not good. And stupid. But what the hell

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So… Game is on. Let’s play deduction

Is Moriarty (is) alive 

(First. Sorry for my mistakes. I’m from Russia and English isn’t my first language. And if you found( and you will) just tell me)

In internet many theory about HOW MORIARTY Survived OR NOT

There is the most popular:

  • Alive and he faked his death
  • Dead and video from Sherlock, John and etc
  • Dead and it’s some criminals who used his name
  • Dead and it’s Jim’s people(revenge)
  • Dead(alive) and twin Brother (I really believe in this and i tell you why)
  • Dead and it was plan B  



Information IS the power. 

And now think WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT Jim. Especially nothing . Just that “He’s a spider. A spider at the centre of a web.” and “The most dangerous criminal mind
the world has ever seen.”
That’s all. We don’t know about his past, family, childhood. Nothing.

And now we can say that there IS TWIN BROTHER. Richard Brook. Who actually the story-teller.




Yeah, you would think “It’s Jim. He faked all this stuff.”

But think, just think.

Two brother: genius and another one. And i’m sure that they are orphans.
And they loved each other, were friends, And then Jim become consulting criminal and his brother definitely doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want be one of them. He wants normal life.
And Jim give him. New name, life. Richard Brook.
Jim destroyed all information about past. And i think not 1 time. (Mary? Yeah She didn’t work for him. She paid him, because she needed help.) There is no more Moriarty’s brother. Just some Jim and Richard. Who don’t now each other.

image(Not my gif)

And it seems like truth.

From season 1 we know that’s NO ONE saw Jim. He is just doing his jobs. Jim doesn’t want show his face, “He just sat there  into the darkness. ”

But Richard is an actor, people should know him.  They must say “Hey, we know that guy, yeah, he is an actor. Moriarty is not real.”

And Jim knows it. So he came to his brother for help.image(x)

(And you may think that I made this idea ‘cause this gifs, but  no, i’m not :D) 


The Roof. The final problem. Who was in the roof. Jim or Richard.

1. Jim. If It was Jim and he died there it means that in video his brother 

But I don’t think so. I’m not sure that Richard wants get revenge. He just starts new life, Again. I’m sure Jim find him another name. But that’s not possible. or possible. But i just don’t like it. Richard wouldn’t help Jim , because he know what it would means for him. Die again and become new person. And this time it would be more difficult. What if Richars wants to end this. Just stop it.

So. I think it was brother on the roof with Sherlock.
And i don’t think to shoot it yourself was a plan. No. Totally Richard’s idea.

Richard is dead. And now it’s just Jim. And he wants revenge.


Sherlock is back. And Jim still quiet. Is he? Nooo
Magnussen. Jim plays again with Sherlock and again he just tells what to do. No showing yourself.


Looks like Moriarty’s game.  

Magnussen was just pawn.  Jim wants destroy Sherlock by Magnussen. But then Sherlock killed him. And Jim can again loss Sherlock cause of this.And then he is coming back. 

next ep of Sherlock

sooo i’m  the big fan of Jim Moriarty and Andrew. It means that a really want him come back
and my brain tell me that!
This man Jim’s father

imageLook at him. I see Jim
and next this


You now what? It’s Moriarty! Yes!! Moriarty who returned from a coma


I know that’s stupid.. but still i want it

  • Jensen: Danneel is not at the con, she can't fly.